Case Study: The Dental Operatory

DMD. Mo Biria has been a client of ours since before we were Advantech, and it all started with a loud computer in one of his operatory rooms. Another example of how a consumer grade solution is not Business-Class.

gamingBack in the mid 2000's our owner Philip Brooks was a patient of Dr. Biria's and was in his office for a routine procedure when he noticed something odd, he could barely hear the Dr. over the computer in the room. Bolted to the wall was a pc tower that was powering the dental software the Dr. used to show x-rays and treatment plans. Now, that is nothing odd, the modern medical office has computers everywhere. What was strange was the fact that this computer tower was a full size tower, complete with extra side mounted fans, and acrylic window, and LED lights. A gamer's computer.

When mentioning this oddity to the Doctor, Dr. Biria expressed concern over it but had to trust his "Computer Guy" because that is who had always done his computer work. So Philip offered to take a look. Cracking open the case Philip found a high-end gaming pc, including a high end graphics card and extra lights inside. The computer was masterfully built, cords tucked cleanly, top quality parts all configured by someone who really knew computers... home computers.

But what they didn't know was business. This computer was overkill in many areas, looked tacky in a medical setting, drowned out conversation, and was gigantic. Not to mention cost about twice what was needed. (We won't go into the licensing issues with the home versions of windows, or the security of the whole office in this study.)

On the spot Dr. Biria had Philip, and what would later become Advantech, handle all of his technology needs. The bulky gaming computer was replaced with a sleek, quiet machine that became the template for his other five operatory bays.

Once again, this is an example of consumer grade support not being a good fit for business. Be sure to stay tuned for part 2: The Office desktop as a server.

*Note- The image is for illustration only, no pictures were taken of the PC in the study at the time.

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