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Professional Managed IT Solutions for your business at a fraction of the cost of keeping an IT person on staff.

For a small to mid-sized business keeping an IT person on staff is simply cost prohibitive. The classic alternative was to turn to either the ubiquitous "Computer kid" or a consumer grade product from a squad of the same. Your business deserves a business-class solution.

Look around your office. Think about tomorrow's work flow, customers and patients, vendors and appointments, everything. Now, imagine you arrive that morning and nothing is working, every system is offline. How much could you do while its down? How much would it cost you? How would it effect customer / patient confidence in your business? How long would you have to wait before the "computer guy" even showed up to work on it?

What if the data that drives your business was suddenly gone, stolen by hackers or destroyed in a catastrophic system failure?  Was your data backed up? Encrypted? Does your current IT provider even have a disaster recovery plan?

Managed IT Solutions

"...catch any small issues BEFORE they turn into disasters!"

There is a better way. Managed IT Solutions from Advantech Business Solutions keeps your business's technology running at peak efficiency through regular on-site visits, 24/7/365 monitoring, remote diagnostic and repair systems, and technical expertise far exceeding the limits of self-staffed IT departments.

Advantech Business Solutions, for the fraction of the cost of keeping an IT person on staff, manages every aspect of your business's technology, so you don't have to.

One major component that is missing in most businesses without an on staff IT department is regular maintenance of the technology infrastructure. We pride ourselves in being your Information Technology team, not just who you call to put out fires. That is what a Managed IT Solutions Provider is, your IT staff.

Countless times we have heard horror stories from businesses that they had called their previous support in a panic, their computer had stopped working and suddenly they were unable to get any business done. When support gets there they discover that there has been a long standing issue that could have been corrected months ago before it halted business, often for far less money than the repairs they were now facing not to mention the cost to their reputations. They ask their IT person why they didn't catch it before and the answer is always the same, "We don't do that."

Well, we do.

Managed Service Plans

Maintenence Checklist

With Advantech Business Solutions as your Managed IT Solutions Provider that scenario is far less likely to happen. All of our managed service plans includes regular, scheduled onsite maintenance with a full 10-point inspection of each covered computer, server, all associated network equipment, and includes off-site backups. Even on-site IT departments rarely have time to dust, let alone perform a complete maintenance cycle every month. This is part of what makes us unique!

We do not wait for your systems to fail before showing up. This not only keeps things running smooth, but helps catch any small issues BEFORE they turn into disasters. For one low cost per month or per year your company can enjoy the benefits of a full service IT department. No matter your business we can tailor a plan that meets your needs without breaking the bank.

It's like what I tell patients about cavity prevention. We can do regular cleanings and checkups and catch any problems early or we can wait until you're in pain and desperately needing a root canal or a crown. There is no comparison for preventative maintenance, period.

-DR. Mo Biria, West Linn Dental

Every Plan is a Custom Plan

Each business is unique, so is it's Information Technology needs. We will build a custom managed service plan that fits your business, and your budget, perfectly!

Here is a sample list of options available to customize your plan:

MSP Plan Options

Monthly Onsite Check-ups

24/7 System Monitoring

Secure Online Backup

Server Managment (Basic)

Server Management (Advanced)


Enterprise-Class Managed Anti-Virus

Additional Included Phone Support

Discounted IT Service Hours

Upgrade your IT Experience

Schedule your free on-site evaluation today!

Cost Comparison

There is a significant cost to managing your company’s IT infrastructure. This cost is both tangible: how much you pay an IT staff member, the local “Computer Kid”, or Best Buy consumer support. As well as intangible: The cost of lost time due to incorrect technology choices, your time if you choose to manage it yourself, the damage to your reputation should disaster strike. To name a few!

-The Traditional Approach

Let’s look at one way to manage your technology needs: hiring an IT staff member. Someone who knows business needs, rules, and can optimize your system for the best results. Before we compare costs per year let’s not forget about what it takes to hire someone:

  • First, there is the time to create an Ad. – Let’s say 1 hour of your time. ($20-$500)
  • Second, your time to sift through the applicants, interview them, check their references, and actually hire your new IT manager. – About 10 hours. ($200-$5000)

Now, let’s say you find someone who will never leave your company (just to keep it simple) so you only have to pay to fill the spot once. Their actual salary is pretty easy to figure. Anyone with sufficient skills and knowledge will need a minimum of $18 per hour and at least 20 hours a week to accept the job. Which works out to $20,897 per year after all benefit requirements. Nearly $21,000 /yr!

Now, at this point, you’re saying, “I don’t need that much computer support, I own a small business!” Of course you don't need that much support, but if you want the quality your company deserves then that’s what it would cost. Unless, you opt for a Managed Service Provider like Advantech Business Solutions, LLC.

-The Simplified MSP way

We can customize a Managed Service Plan for your business that provides exactly the right amount of support at a fraction of the cost of hiring an IT staff member.

  • Step One: Start by calling us for a free evaluation so we can develop a plan that best suits your needs.
  • That's it! Now you can relax knowing everything is handled for you, worry free.

Our basic plan starts at $385 per yer billed annually for a single computer. A complex office such as a dental practice, with: 10 computers, a server, an extensive network, frequent phone support, 24/hour monitoring, online backups, user account management, and HIPAA security hardening averages less than $6,000 /yr

Your IT staff budget is slashed simply by switching to a Managed Service Plan from Advantech Business Solutions.

Your business deserves the best, business-class support, and Advantech Business Solutions can provide it at price that cannot be beat.