Every business relies on technology to some extent. From scheduling, client/patient records, financial records, data archives, etc... more and more of your hard work depends on your technology being reliable and efficient.

Technology ConsultingTechnology helps make just about every business more efficient and profitable. It has become such an integral part of your day to day operations that it sort of fades into the background, when it's not working at maximum efficiency it begins costing you money without you even realizing it. A minute wasted here or there adds up to hundreds of hours per year in wasted labor.

That is why Technology Consulting from Advantech Business Solutions is needed, for the fraction of the cost of keeping an IT person on staff you can be confident that your business technology is always providing you and your business the maximum benefit.


We offer a variety of consultation services, including: 


Efficiency Auditing

Improve your day-to-day operations and get the most out of your technology.

Security Review

Losing your data could damage your business, losing your customers data could cripple it.


We can provide training in a huge variety of windows software packages and website systems.